Grand Island G series pontoons. Made in Minnesota for Minnesotans. We manufacture Grand Island House boats and Grand Island G series pontoon boats here in Grand Rapids Minnesota. Please don’t get our Grand Island T series confused with our Grand Island G series. Our G series is made by us and our T series are private labeled for us made out of state. All the pontoon boats on this page are the G series made by us. They are a nicely made pontoon made with very few options. This is to keep the price affordable for those that wish to buy a affordable boat, without breaking the bank. Grand Islands G series are our  line of pontoons being factory direct from local sistering business G.I.M.I. These pontoons carry a mid-level look at an entry level price, making this one of the best deals anywhere. Call us with any questions regarding our  line of Grand Island Pontoons.  218-326-4223

All pontoons priced without motor and trailer. Please email us for a boat- motor- trailer package as this will be your lowest price and best value. A lot of times we will have non current models-dealer repo or scratch and dent models.

Some pontoons pictured with additional options. Costs may vary.

Many people buy custom snap covers. Everyone likes them as they keep the boats clean.  We use the best material offered.  Please note that we do not offer travel covers for our pontoon boats.  We could order you a travel cover but they are very expensive (about $2500) and they are so heavy that you would have a hard time putting the cover on.  They are so bulky that you can not store them in the boat.  In the old days we carried them and customers never used them as they are just to bulky and heavy.  Also please be aware that these covers are not for winter storage either.  Heavy snow will push the grommets through the material.

Grand Island Models




Grand Island Models
1. 16 by 8 four point fish

$ 7,999


18 Ft. by 8 Ft. cruise

$ 8,699


18 ft. cruise/fish model- 8 ft wide with 23 inch tubes.

$ 8,499


20 x 8 Ft. “U” Bench Cruise

$ 8495


20 X 8 Ft. Cruise  2012 best buy-Non current price lowered below cost

$ 7,999


20 x 8 Ft. Rear Entry

$ 8,499


20 x 8 Ft. Party Fish Economy

$ 7,999


20 x 8 Ft. Party Fish

$ 8,999


24 ft 8 ft wide with 25 inch tubes. Boat only with no motor or trailer

$ 9,999


24 x 8 Ft. Party Fish

$ 9,999



Any of the pontoons viewed
with the dimensions of 8ft or less wide
are containable for over-seas shipping!

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