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New 14 ft Tahoe/Avalon fish model or cruise model with nice used 18 hp 2 stroke Nissan and trailer. Take your pick of the cruise model or the fish model at the same price and we will rig the motor on it. $9999

  New 20 ft. No furniture. Sold as is. $6,999

18 ft Northwoods with 25 two stroke Mercury. It doesnt come with a  cover-power trim  or a trailer. Nice shape 2006 or 2007 $8,999

New 20 ft pontoon boat with used 1999 40 Evin/Johnson motor $11999

20 ft  pontoon boat. I am selling the motor and trailer separate so just the pontoon boat is for sale. $500

One of a kind new 16 by 8 Grand Island pontoon boat. This boat was ordered for a customer with the white tin and he lost his job. I will be rigging this with a nice used 2 stroke 18 hp Nissan after it is sold. If you want a bigger used motor please call Kenny or Ben—-Add $1399 if you want a trailer. $8999

New 16 by 7 Tahoe cruise with used 2003 30 hp Honda 4 stroke and trailer. Please call to see what colors we have left. The motor will be rigged on the boat as soon as it is sold $12500

20 ft new Tahoe cruise with 2008 used 20 hp four stroke Tohatsu. PTT $13999

New 24 ft Tahoe/Grand Island – We will rig this with a used 1998 used 2 stroke 115 Johnson. No trailer $16999

1985 20 ft Kennedy cruise with new upholstery with 1994 evin 2 stroke 40 hp evin. Swim ladder-cover-newer upholstery. Very nice pontoon boat $3,999

New 22 ft fish and fun with used four stroke 90 hp Mercury.The motor will be rigged after it is sold. Add $2000 if you need a trailer. $16,500

20 ft Tahoe gt cruise. I will rig this with a used 1999 40 hp 2 stroke Evin No trailer. $12,499

New 24 ft fish and fun . We will rig this with a used 125 hp 2003 xl 2 stroke Mercury optimax. No trailer $17999

24 ft new 2012 Grand Island scratch and dent model with used 90 four stroke Mercury. No trailer $18,999

New 24 ft swim roof with 115 hp Mercury $29000

1989 24 Ft. Leisure with 40 hp 2 stroke Nissan. Motor with electric start, long shaft, electric start and oil injection. Dented floats with no leaks, Trailer not included $3,495

New 20 ft Grand Island with used 40 2 stroke Johnson/Evin. No trailer $11,500

This pontoon boat is 8 ft wide with 23 inch tubes. It is rated for a 60 hp motor.

This pontoon boat is a new 20 ft pontoon boat 8 ft wide with 23 inch tubes. It is rated for a 60 hp motor.


This is a new 2014 20 ft. Grand Island pontoon boat with a used 1996 50 hp. four stroke high thrust Yamaha. No trailer included. The boat we have the motor rigged on is burgundy. $11,999

20 ft older pontoon boat. Boat only $1500 or boat with nice 18 2 stroke nissan $2500 $1,500

Used 20 ft Kennedy with 50 hp Mercury and trailer $2,999

New 16 ft Tahoe 7 ft fish with trailer. We will rig a nice used 2008 20 hp 4 stroke Tohatsu on this after it is sold. $13999

20 Ft 2005 Misty Harbor with Honda four stroke 50 (2003) and trailer $12,999

New 24 Ft. Tahoe/Grand Island Tritoon with hpp tubes- Factory second 225 hp 2 stroke  Mercury Optimax $29,999; Trailer is $2,500

20 ft Crest-liner-40 hp evin motor -trailer. New upholster. Boat looks great-1995 $7,999

  29 ft Tritoon Tmlt new non current with center tube added. No trailer or motor included $16,999 or $19,999 in a tritoon.

20 ft new Grand Island cruise with used 75 hp 2 stroke Suzuki, The motor will be rigged on the pontoon boat after it is sold $10,999

 New 24 ft tritoon 8 ft wide with 23 inch tubes- No motor or trailer included  $15999

This is a new 2014 20 ft.       Grand Island fish and fun    which is rigged with a used 2000 40 hp four stroke Mercury. $sold



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Any of the pontoons viewed
with the dimensions of 8ft or less wide
are containable for over-seas shipping!

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